It is useful to understand the body’s nutritional needs ,the importance of a balance diet to good health is increasingly recognised. This provides the correct amounts of nutrients i.e counteracts the increasing prevalence of obesity and reduces the risk of other significant conditions such as cardiovascular diseases and some cancers as well as conserving many health benefits
Food provides nutrients ,some of which are broken down to provide energy while others are needed for growth ,repair and other cellular activities
The main nutrient groups are ;
Mineral salts &water


This contains appropriate portions of all the nutrients required for health, if any nutrient is eaten in excess or is deficient ,health maybe adversely affected e.g high energy diet can lead to obesity & an iron deficient such as anaemia. A balanced diet is highly important in maintaining a healthy body weight
Healthy eating requires knowledge and planning .
An important dietary concentration is the amount of energy required which should meet individual requirements .
Daily energy requirements depends on several factors including metabolic rate ,age ,gender & activity level for healthy adults, the recommended average daily energy intake is
Women =2000kcal=8400kj
Men =2500=10,500kj

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